Dov Hammer "Make it count" - live in the studio (Israel army radio)

Dov Hammer and his band perform "Make it count" (from the album "BlueSoul") live in the studio of Galei Tzahal (Israel army radio), November 2019

Dov Hammer "Magic"

Dov Hammer "Magic" (audio clip) - from the album "BlueSoul" 2019

Dov Hammer - "Tear it down"

Dov Hammer "Tear it down" (Cover art clip) - from the album "BlueSoul", 2019

לאן נושבת הרוח Le'an noshevet haruach

On this Israeli YouTube music show, Dov Hammer presents special "Unplugged" versions of 4 new songs from his upcoming album

Dov Hammer - "I'm gone" (video clip)

"Im gone" - Music and lyrics by Dov Hammer, video clip by Sarit Kleinman

Dov Hammer's Blues power "Help me"

Live at the Tel Aviv Blues festival, with guest harmonica players Ofir Ventura, Eyal Kdoshim and Adam Fave

Dov Hammer's Blues power "Down home Blues"

Dov Hammer, with Yair Fine and Gil Katzir, play live in the TV studio during an interview on I24 news

The Blues Rebels "Good enough for the Blues" LIVE

The Blues Rebels play "Good enough for the Blues" (From th album "Voodoo land") at the Tel Aviv Blues festival, July 15th  2016

The Blues Rebels "Well Run dry" - Live in Tel Aviv

The Blues Rebels play "Well run dry" live at the Tel Aviv Blues festival, July 15, 2016. Video by Ilya Kutuzov (Qmasterworks)

The Blues Rebels "Voodoo land" (video clip)

The title track from the Blues Rebels album "Voodoo land" (produced by Joe Louis Walker)Lyrics by Dov Hammer, music by Andy WattsVideo by Ilya Kutuzov (qmasterworks)

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