"Something good - the Memphis sessions" (2013)

"Recorded entirely at historic "Sun" studio in Memphis TN, "The Birthplace of rock'n'roll", CG & The Hammer channel the spirits of all the pioneers of Blues and Rock who made this studio famous, to bring forth their finest songwriting and performance – original Blues-Rock for the 21st century.

"Has some sweet sounds to catch your ear...this one is a winner" - Kyle M. Palarino, "Blues revue"

"An excellent Blues album...They sound terriffic together, full of passion and musical joy...So warm, so full of soul, so beautiful" - Yoav Kutner, "Israel today" newspaper

"A wonderful album" - Oren Hoff, IDC Radio

"One of the best Southern Blues-Rock albums I've ever heared" - Reuven Bardach, "Mynet" music review